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About the Piedmont Bank

Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to introduce you to our bank. My hope is that after an introduction to our people and our services you will be attracted to become a part of The Piedmont Bank as a customer. The Piedmont Bank was founded by a group of local business professionals that believes our community needs a bank that is committed to serving the needs of businesses and residents of our community.

Considerable effort has gone into designing competitively structured, fairly priced banking services. While we are proud of the services we offer, we understand that the only real way to differentiate ourselves from our competitors is in the way our staff of experienced bankers delivers these services to you.

We hold to an old-fashioned and currently uncommon belief that banking remains a people business. We believe technology is a tool that can be used by the bank and its customers to enhance convenience, but in no way should it be used to replace the personal relationships appropriate to a healthy banking relationship.

We look forward to serving you and earning your trust and loyalty.

- Monty Watson
Chairman and CEO


Senior Officers

Back Row:
Monty G. Watson
Chris Elsevier, SVP
Robert Cash
Richard Sikes
Greg W. Griffin

Chairman & CEO
Chief Credit Officer
President, North Fulton
President, Lawrenceville
President, Old Peachtree

Front Row:
Kelly J. Johnson, SVP
Fran Fuchs

Chief Financial Officer
President, Dunwoody