Special Services

Automatic Teller Machines

With The Piedmont Bank debit card, you may make withdrawals at any ATM machine bearing the Accel, Cirrus and/or VISA logo at no charge with certain accounts!

Most ATMs charge a fee at the time of withdrawal. If you have one of The Piedmont Bank accounts that allows free transactions from other bank’s ATMs, the fee appearing on your withdrawal slip will be rebated to you the following month on your account statement. After you surpass the number of free transactions permitted, regular fees charged by other banks will apply. International Fees will apply

There is never a charge to customers for using The Piedmont Bank ATMs.

Personal Online Banking

Online Banking allows you to bank any day and any time online. Bill Payment is available.

U.S. Savings Bonds

U.S. Savings Bonds can be purchased at www.treasurydirect.gov

Consumer Credit Card Application