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ACH, Wire Transfers, & RDC

With ACH and wire transfers, you can send and receive money electronically to anyone, anywhere!

ACH (Automated Clearing House)

Set up direct deposit so that your paycheck goes directly into your account, or set up an automatic payment so you don't have to think about those recurring bills. It's easy!

If you would like to use direct deposit or direct debit features, please use the ACH routing number below.

ABA: 061120851

ACH Origination

Electronically pay employees and vendors with our ACH services.

Stay up to date with NACHA Rules and Fraud Trends with 1st Qtr 2021 Payments Newsletter and 2nd Qtr 2021 Payments Newsletter

Wire Transfers

This is a safe and convenient way to move your funds from one location to another. This is great when traveling, conducting business from another location, or in an emergency.

Wire Transfer Instructions

To wire funds INTO your Piedmont Bank account, please click on the appropriate link below for instructions:
Domestic Incoming Wire Instructions
International Incoming Wire Instructions

To wire funds OUT OF your Piedmont Bank account, please download and complete the appropriate form below:
Domestic Wire Transfer Request
International Wire Transfer Request

***Please note that a Funds Transfer Agreement must be completed by an account signer before a wire can be sent.***

RDC (Remote Deposit Capture)

Remote Deposit Capture is a system that enables our commercial customers the ability to deposit paper checks electronically to their business account at The Piedmont Bank. No trips to the bank are needed for daily deposits, and deposits are made instantly. Fees may apply. Subject to approval.